Former Hollywood madam Heidi Fleiss has branded Charlie Sheen a "scumbag" for standing by her ex-boyfriend Tom Sizemore after he was convicted of beating her.

When Sizemore was recently convicted of domestic violence and sentenced to six months in jail, pal Sheen was on hand to lend his support. But Fleiss, who used to supply Sheen with prostitutes, is horrified at his appearance.

In an exclusive interview with the NATIONAL ENQUIRER, she storms, "Charlie Sheen is the biggest scumbag in the world! How dare Charlie go to court and support that woman-beater!

"Charlie helped send me to jail and then showed up to support someone who has not only beaten me but other woman as well."

Sheen testified at Fleiss's 1995 trial. In 1997 she was sentenced to 37 months in jail on tax evasion and other charges related to running a high-priced prostitution ring.

She continues, "I was initially so upset with Charlie when I was sentenced - but when I got out of jail I let go all of my anger and forgave him for being a snitch. I even defended Charlie when Tom started slamming him.

"Tom has said horrible, disgusting things about Charlie behind his back because he testified against me. Tom was outraged that Charlie would turn stool pigeon and get me busted for sex he paid to have. But I told Tom, 'The past is the past. Let's move forward.' I forgave Charlie and pleaded with Tom to do the same.

"But then I turn around and was absolutely shocked that Charlie sat directly behind Tom in court giving him his full emotional support.

"Charlie is supposed to have changed his ways and is now such a wonderful family man with a wholesome prime-time show. But there he is standing behind Tom, publicly supporting a violent drug addict. Now we know what he's really all about!"

09/11/2003 21:16