Fans of late movie icon Hedy Lamarr are set for a major shock in a new biography - the actress once enjoyed sexual trysts with Nazi leader Adolf Hitler.
In What Almost Happened to Hedy Lamarr, revered film critic Devra Hill exposes all about the Samson + Delilah star's sexual secrets, including details about her cruel former lover.
The six-times-wed star, whose first husband was a Viennese munitions dealer, fled to America before the outbreak of World War II - but not before she had briefly romanced fellow Austrian Hitler, according to the new book.
The tome will be released by former Hollywood madam Jody 'Babydoll' Gibson's Corona Books publishing house.
She says, "There are some extraordinary and salacious moments that Devra discloses about Hedy and Hitler.
"Given that most of us have never spoken with anyone who's ever actually had sex with Adolf Hitler, we're quite sure you'll find it a fascinating read."
Once dubbed "the most beautiful woman in Europe" by German svengali Max Reinhardt, the irony of the Lamarr/Hitler romance revelation is the actress, real name Hedwig Eva Maria Kiesler, was born a Jew, but raised as a Catholic in Vienna.
What Almost Happened to Hedy Lamar is scheduled to hit book stores in September (08).