Late rapper Heavy D is heading to the big screen from beyond the grave - his last ever acting performance is set for release next year (13).
The hip-hop icon, real name Dwight Arrington Myers, died from a pulmonary embolism last November (11) at the age of 44, but his fans will get one more chance to see him onscreen in a modern take on William Shakespeare's Henry IV play.
Heavy D portrays Archbishop Scroop in H4, and his co-star Terrell Tilford reveals the rapper was initially a little hesitant to accept the role due to the language of the production.
In an interview with America's Sister 2 Sister magazine, Tilford recalls telling Heavy D, "The language is really the same. We all speak in a particular rhythm. Just trust it."
The late star agreed to tackle the task and with help from Tilford and fellow castmate Harry Lennix, he was able to pull off the role.
Tilford says, "We just hammered it out, worked through it, and the brother turned in a beautiful performance."
H4 is expected to hit movie theatres next spring (13).