Heather Morris thinks working mothers are ''the best kind''.

The 28-year-old actress - who has a 23-month-old son, Elijah, and is expecting her second child with husband Taylor Hubbell - believes parents whose careers mean they spend time apart from their kids are more ''thankful and humble'' for the moments they do get with their children.

She said: ''Working moms are the best kind!. They're so thankful and humble to have time with their children and when they get home, they still make time and do wonderful activities with their kids.''

The former 'Glee' star thinks it is essential to ''find time to do fun things'' and has spent the summer taking Elijah swimming and visiting museums and the beach.

She added to E! News: ''Creating that quality time is important.''

Heather's second pregnancy is going well and though she hasn't had any particular cravings, she is enjoying spicy food.

She said: ''I love jalapeños and really hot, hot sauce from a Mexican restaurant.''

The 'Cleansing Hour' star and Taylor are due to find out the sex of their baby in the coming days, but haven't thought of any names yet.

She admitted: ''We're so indecisive, it takes us forever!

''[With Elijah], we wrote on a piece of paper at a restaurant, we came up with multiple names we liked, and we just kind of stuck with one.''