Heather Morris used to kiss her girlfriends to get attention from guys.

The 24-year-old actress - whose 'Glee' character Brittany Pearce is set to fall for another girl - admits she also locked lips with a female pal because she was "curious".

Asked by Seventeen magazine if she had ever kissed another woman, Heather said: "Yeah. Mostly for guys' attention when I was in high school. One time I did it when I was curious with a friend, but she wasn't my best friend."

Despite her previous experiences, Heather could no longer imagine kissing a female pal and she admits she found locking lips with Nava Rivera, who plays Santana Lopez in 'Glee', "weird".

She added: "[The kiss] was weird. I mean, we were both giggling. I could not imagine doing this with any of my close friends now. If we played spin the bottle one night, I would never. It'd be so weird. I couldn't."

While Heather is happy with her high school sweetheart Taylor Hubbell, she has a crush on her 'Glee' co-star Cory Monteith.

She said: "I have a total crush on Cory. I love him. I think he's amazing. But I love my boyfriend a lot."