Heather Mills is being sued for $80,000 by her former hairdresser.

David Miramontes, who works under the name David Paul, filed a suit in Los Angeles superior court yesterday (18.10.11) in which he stated he worked for the model-turned-charity campaigner - who separated from Sir Paul McCartney in 2006 after four years of marriage - in 2005 but quit in 2008 after she repeatedly failed to pay him.

According to David, Heather told him she had no money until her divorce was finalised but she then began to avoid him from December 2008, despite receiving a settlement of $38 million. He also claims she told him a "string of lies" about her marriage and financial situation.

The document states: "David was made to believe that Paul McCartney was a cheap tyrant who was often a drunk and abusive husband.

"On one occasion, Mills told David that Paul McCartney would get drunk, force her in a wheelchair and frighten her by pushing her at excessive speeds.

"David learned of Mills' divorce decree in March 2008. Later, David discovered Mills had lied to him about the money she was receiving from Paul McCartney before their divorce. Paul McCartney was, in fact, giving Mills one million annually for pocket money.

"Mills acted in an oppressive, fraudulent, malicious, deliberate, egregious and inexcusable manner in order to injure and damage David, thereby justifying an award to him for the damages.

"On or around December 2008, David refused to work for Mills ever again. He prepared a final invoice reflecting $80,000 in total unpaid services rendered. The final invoice remains unpaid to date."

David - who styled Heather's hair when she appeared on the Miss America Pageant TV show and competed on 'Dancing With The Stars' - charged as much as $5,000 per haircut for an out of office appointment and says he worked with the blonde star at least 20 times.