Heather Mills loves caravan holidays with her daughter.

The 47-year-old activist enjoys getting in touch with ''nature'' when she has a break from her vegan food businesses and charity work and every year she takes her 11-year-old daughter Beatrice - her child with ex-husband Sir Paul McCartney - away in a mobile home around scenic spots in Europe.

Heather exclusively told BANG Showbiz: ''I get my campervan out jump in there with my daughter we go round Croatia, all around Italy. We just park it up anywhere and jump in the lake, do a bit of cooking and get out every day, living the rucksack life. It's brilliant, it puts your feet back on the ground, puts you back in nature.''

When Heather does get away she goes on a complete technology blackout and switches off her phone so she isn't bothered with calls or emails about work.

She explained: ''Nobody can believe it when I'm like, 'Right I'm off.' They don't hear a word from me the whole time. And then I come back and I'm full on again.''

Heather - who describes herself as ''mountain and lakes person'' rather than a ''city person'' - advises everyone to take a break from technology to clear their mind and rid themselves of their obsession with it for a few days.

When asked about technology and if overusing it can affect people's health, she said: ''Absolutely, they're (people are) just obsessed with it. You know I like to be out in the mountains. It just makes you feel happy that fresh air. You're either a city person or a mountain person, and I'm definitely and mountain and lake person. Absolutely love it, love the freedom I've got.''

Heather has launched her VBites range of vegan food across the entire UK with Holland & Barrett and you can try the range in over 500 high street stores now.