Heather Mills has ''no interest'' in embarking on a relationship.

The 47-year-old activist - who has 11-year-old daughter Beatrice with ex-husband Sir Paul McCartney - would happily welcome an ''amazing'' person into her life, but she won't be going out and looking for love as she is content on her own and looking after her child.

Asked if she is looking for love, she said: ''No, my daughter is my priority.

''It just comes when it's meant to come, so if an amazing person comes into my life, great, otherwise I have no interest.

''I'm not one of those needy people. I'm happy with my own company and I'm not one of those lonely people. That's not to be mean to anybody else.

''There are too many unhappy marriages out there where people are too afraid to get out of them. Loneliness in a marriage is worse than loneliness out of one.''

Heather - who split from Paul in 2008 after six years of marriage - is proud her own life has helped inspire others to make tough decisions and change their lives for the better.

She exclusively told BANG Showbiz: ''I get women coming up to me on the street all the time, and guys, who say to me, 'You know what, I was so unhappy and then when I saw what you had to go through to move away from a situation it made me brave enough to move on in my life and I'm really happy now.'

''The number one thing in life that stops us moving on to do great things is fear and if you wipe fear out without bringing in huge selfishness and really consider what you doing over a period of time so it's not just a rash decision, you know you can be really happy in your life.''

Heather has launched her VBites range of vegan food across the entire UK with Holland & Barrett and you can try the range in over 500 high street stores now.