Heather Locklear has claimed she was ''groped'' by an actor whilst shooting a scene for 'The First Wives Club'.

The 58-year-old actress held an uncredited role in the 1996 movie, and has slammed one of the actors - whom she didn't name - for doing more than he was directed to do during a scene in which he was supposed to touch her breast.

Heather says the actor was only supposed to put his hand on her chest, but he instead ''outlined [her] areola with his finger'' - something she insists wasn't ''in the script''.

Speaking during an appearance on Zach Braff and Donald Faison's 'Fake Doctors, Real Friends' podcast, she said: ''There was a couple of scenes that they cut out of me, and then the only scene that I had had no lines. One of the actors, we were at a funeral, and he was supposed to take his hand and touch my breast, and they show that.

''It was agh - gross. So I said: 'Can you just take my name off the credits since now I don't have any lines?' So it was creditless.''

Zach jumped in to ask: ''So, wait, you're in 'The First Wives Club' but the only thing that happens is a man grabs your breast?''

And Heather responded: ''He doesn't grab it. He actually outlines my areola with his finger. It didn't say that in the script. I was like [gasps]. I'm so glad they're following his hand down because my face, my mouth is fallen open and I can't believe it and don't do it again. One take and let's go.''

The 'Melrose Place' star also insisted she was supposed to have a bigger role in the comedy movie, but they were cut from the final version.

She added: ''There was more to the part [than being groped]. I had filmed the bigger, bigger scenes. They just thought, I don't know, maybe I was bad in it.''