Rapper N'FA is preparing to officially release Heath Ledger's final work as a music video director - more than two years after the actor's death.
The Brokeback Mountain star filmed the video for his rapper pal's Cause An Effect shortly before he died from an accidental prescription drugs overdose in January 2008.
The pair had planned to release the track together - but N'FA held back from promoting the song as a sign of respect after the tragic passing of his childhood friend.
Footage from the video hit the web last year (09) and now Ledger's family has urged N'FA to share the project, insisting it's what the late star would have wanted.
N'FA tells Britain's Daily Star, "We had intended on releasing it a long, long time ago. But I didn't feel comfortable doing so after Heath died. But friends and his family said it needed to be seen. Heath loved it."
Ledger, who previously directed videos for singer/songwriter Ben Drake and rockers Modest Mouse, shot the footage for Cause An Effect with a single camera in the garage at his Sydney, Australia home.
Cause An Effect is out later this month (Jul10).