As the penultimate season of the entire series, season 7 of critically-acclaimed HBO fantasy drama 'Game Of Thrones' has done a lot to impress the patient fandom. Despite only consisting of seven episodes instead of the usual 10 that had made up the six seasons that came before it, the show has been jam-packed full of dramatic moments and swift plot development, so there's huge expectation surrounding this weekend's finale.

Could the Night's King make his most powerful move yet?Could the Night's King make his most powerful move yet?

Titled 'The Dragon And The Wolf' and coming in at 80 minutes long, the season 7 finale is the longest episode of 'GoT' to-date, and is going to include some of the most prominent characters from the series. Obviously there will be a focus on the relationship shared by Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke) and Jon Snow (Kit Harington), but with 80 minutes to fill, we're sure we'll be seeing some other major scenes as well.

Some of the information about what to expect has this weekend been revealed. No source is given on the information, but EW's Spoiler Room (widely accurate) says of the season 7 finale: "For starters, there’s the biggest assembly of major GoT characters since the pilot (or Joffrey’s wedding, depending on how you count major). But the finale is less about big action and more about dramatic moments. Plus: The Arya and Sansa conflict will also come to a head."

Though this is a season that's been plagued by leaks, it's easy to understand why the episodes have been so successful when it comes to raking in the viewers. The level of tension in many of them has been at an all-time high for the show, and with the series now ahead of the novel series by George R R Martin by a long stretch, every episode is a surprise for those who have managed to avoid spoilers.

However season 7 ends, it's been a fun ride and the perfect build up to what should be a massively entertaining eighth and final season next year.

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'Game Of Thrones' concludes tonight (August 27) on HBO in the US and tomorrow on Sky Atlantic in the UK.