We’re halfway through Game of Thrones season 4, and last night’s episode, titled “First of His Name” was your standard midway filler. Not much happened, although some important information was revealed and some crucial minor developments took place.

GoT episode recapKhaleesi isn't much closer to taking back the Iron Throne

Tommen was crowned King, while flirty Margaery gives him the eye and has a bonding moment with Cersei over monstrous Joff. A brief look-in at Danaerys informs us she’s no closer to retaking the Iron Throne, in fact, with her conquered lands falling into the hands of tyrants, she may be further than ever.

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Littlefinger’s scheming knows no end, it turns out he’s married to mad old Lysa Arryn. Oh, and most shocking of all, it was them who poisoned Jon Arryn. So, basically the mess that the seven kingdoms is currently in is pretty much down to them.

Sansa thinks she’s safe now that Littlefinger has smuggled her back to her aunt’s at the Eyrie, but jealous Lysa gives her the third degree about her relationship with her husband, before adding she plans to marry her to Robert Arryn, the breastfeeding pre-teen.

Arya still isn’t warming up to The Hound, while Brienne is coming round to the idea of Podrick (who doesn't love Pod?).

GoT episode recapDon't expect Arya to take The Hound off her kill list anytime soon

Jon Snow and the Night’s Watch show up at Craster’s Keep, slaughtering the mutineers and unknowingly saving Bran, Jojen, Hodor, Meera and Summer. The girls of Craster’s Keep ask them to burn the house their father abused them in.  Bran passes on seeing his brother, despite wanting to, knowing that he must make it North to find the three-eyed raven.

So, that’s GoT season 4 episode 5 in a nutshell. Not much happened, but it seems like there’s a lot to come.

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