Boardwalk Empire Season 3 hits TVs on Sunday, September 16th at 9PM. With little being released about the new series, apart from enigmatic, expertly designed teaser trailers, is here to tell you what to expect from HBO’s high profile, big-budget crime drama.

SPOILERS (Obviously)

The year is 1923, and prohibition – a legislation brought about to limit crime, amongst other things – continues to be the principal cause of organised crime in America’s east coast. “You can’t be half a gangster,” the phrase, first uttered by the erstwhile, full time criminal, Jimmy Darmody (Michael Pitt), has stuck with the series, and remains a running motif as we enter the third season of the prohibition drama. The trailer sees Nucky drop three things - four if you count the man with the bullet in his head – but it’s the thing he picks up that sets the tone: his gun. The ring, symbolising his marriage, and the flower, which could symbolise his flailing public image, are both left in the mud, discarded. With the past two seasons chronicling the fall of Nucky (he was already pretty much atop Atlantic City’s ladder when we came along) season 3 looks set to reaffirm Nucky as kingpin despite those who have been brave enough to take him on.

Character development has been key to the success of first two seasons, that and the millions of dollars spent on making the show look amazing. Having lived with Nucky, Margaret has developed a confident, ruthless side to her character, and before his death, Jimmy was cutting a fairly professional businessman. The ramifications of killing Jimmy will probably be hard to face for Nucky. Look back and re-watch the final scene of season 2; “James,” he calls him: he killed his surrogate son, and the development of that will be fascinating to watch. Arnold Rothstein - free from indictment - will surely stand in the ex-treasurer’s way, despite entering an agreement to work with him. Not to mention the capitulation of Nelson Van Alden’s professional career and personal life and Chalky White’s revenge. Here’s that date again, September 16th. 9PM. Don’t miss it.