Haylie Duff is craving green smoothies and macaroni and cheese.

The 29-year-old celebrity chef - the older sister of singer-and-actress Hilary Duff - cannot get enough of the vegetable shakes throughout her pregnancy, and while she her desires have mainly been ''weirdly'' healthy food and beverages, she sometimes can't help indulging in a little calorific treat.

She said: ''I drink a lot of green smoothies. I think I've craved health food, which is weird, and then the occasional mac and cheese.''

As well as eating healthily, Haylie has also been doing just enough exercise to ensure she stays in good shape while she is expecting, but her penchant for working out while pregnant is making her fiance Matt Rosenberg a ''little nervous'' because he is worried she will overdo it.

She explained: ''He's like, 'Don't push yourself too hard.' I'm like, 'I got it! I'm fine.' I'm just trying to move. Go on walks. I'm not trying to put too much pressure on myself either way.''

Hailey and Matt put their wedding plans on hold after the blonde cook found out she was pregnant, but the couple - who got engaged in April - are looking forward to the little one being a guest at their forthcoming nuptials.

She is quoted by E! as saying: ''It's pretty cool to think our daughter is going to be at our wedding.

''We still talk about things we want to do, but it's a big change with the baby coming. We're just trying to focus on one thing first and then we'll do it.''