Hayley Williams will release her second solo album, ‘Flowers For Vases / Descansos’, on Friday (05.02.21).

After she leaked her new song, 'My Limb’, by delivering the CD to a fan last week, the 32-year-old singer has announced her follow-up to 2020's 'Petals For Armor' will arrive tomorrow.

Alongside the artwork of her submerged in a milky substance, Hayley wrote on social media: "FLOWERS for VASES / descansos — 2.5.21 (sic)"

The Paramore singer had cryptically teased that her new LP will be called ‘Flowers For Vases’, as her website sent fans to a page with that name.

Hayley confirming her new record comes after she posted a picture of her outside fan Carly Butler’s house after she tweeted about the 'Still Into You' hitmaker arriving at her front door with the disc with 'My Limb' on it and a candle in hand.

Carly wrote: “Did Hayley Williams drive to your house and drop off a candle and a CD with her new song on it or are you having a normal night."

She also posted a brief clip of the Wolf Moon and a teaser of 'My Limb'.

While Hayley captioned the snap of her outside the house with her dog in a spooky cape: “I made Alf wear a cape for this s***. Happy wolf moon and especially to you, [Carly Butler].”

Wolf Moon is another name for the full moon of January, which occurred on January 28.

Hayley had recently teased the track on social media.

She wrote: “Don’t give me the tourniquet.”

Meanwhile, the ‘Misery Business' singer recently promised fans she isn't abandoning her Paramore bandmates - who went on hiatus in 2018 - for "greener grass".

She said: "I can't deny there're frontwomen in history who went solo and didn't go back, so that's where I have to trust that the band knows I'm not looking for greener grass.

"I see guys like Julian Casablancas and Thom Yorke put out multiple records and go back to their bands all time. They do their own s*** and nobody thinks it cannibalises The Strokes or Radiohead.

"I'm just trying to get some of that other grass and bring it back over to our side, so I can be like, 'Try this s***, it's not too bad'."