Hayley Williams says Paramore's fourth album is the ''best'' they've ever made thanks to their line-up changes.

The 24-year-old singer insists the group's forthcoming self-titled record will be their most successful because the 'Ignorance' hitmakers - who lost guitarist Josh Farro and his drummer brother Zac in 2010 when they quit claiming the band had become a ''manufactured product'' - are now ''stronger''.

She said: ''Everything happens for a reason.

''We've been through a lot but it got us to this point. We feel like we have the best record we've ever made. We're in the best headspace and our friendships have just honestly become stronger.

''For the past couple of years it's just been about moving forward and focusing on whatever is next.''

Hayley is excited about the forthcoming record and insists she is ''more in love'' with Paramore - who haven't released an album since 'Brand New Eyes' in 2009 - than ''ever before'' and has no plans to release a solo album.

Speaking to Radio 1, she added: ''Definitely no solo stuff in the works. Even if it had crossed my mind there was no time.

''Number one - we took a little break and then we were onto writing this album.

''I am definitely more in love with this band than I've ever been before which, if you know me, that's kind of impossible. I'm the number one Paramore fan in the world - it's kind of annoying, really.''

The band will release 'Paramore' on April 8, with the first single, 'Now', coming out on February 24.