Hayley Kiyoko hopes her debut fragrance, Hue, reminds her fans to "love themselves".

The 'Girls Like Girls' hitmaker - who is a lesbian - has explained that she decided to name her perfume Hue to represent her LGBTQ+ fans who don't "fit in a box".

She said of the title for her genderless scent: "My fans and myself, we’re on this massive spectrum, right? We don’t fit in a box, not every label resonates with us. I wanted to choose a name that really embraced individuality and expression … I want to remind my fans to love themselves.”

The 29-year-old singer added how the fragrance - which is a blend of blood orange, watermelon, freesia, peony, lychee, rose, pink magnolia, cacao and musk -  embodies the contrast of her "feminine and masculine side", which had been a "massive insecurity" of hers in the past.

She told Page Six Style: “I’m feminine and masculine; sometimes I’m more feminine one day, and sometimes I’m more masculine another. That’s been a strength — it’s who I am — but it’s also been a massive insecurity of mine. And so I was trying to embody that duality within this perfume."

Hayley recently described perfume as her “armour”.

The 'Insidious: Chapter 3' actress revealed she used the Elizabeth Arden Green Tea eau de toilette when she was still “in the closet” as a teenager, because she knew that even if she faced rejection she would still “smell good”.

She explained: “Growing up, I was in the closet and faced a lot of rejection and personal rejection. I don’t know if you remember Elizabeth Arden Green Tea? That was my armour.

“Every day I would wake up and spray way too much all over my body, and that was my confidence. I knew even if I were to be rejected by a crush or something else outside of my power, I was going to at least smell good, or I was going to be complimented like ‘Oh my gosh, what are you wearing? You smell so good.’ And those were little moments that I lived for, and they were massive moments when I look back.”