Instead of going out tonight, and spending money, seeing people you don't actually like talking to, grab a full-fat cheesecake, and settle down in front of Sundance, because tense World War II drama Restless is on, and you don't want to miss it.

In what The LA Times call "a very British Story" The Sundance Channel miniseries tells the tale of a woman who might be in danger because of her secret past as a World War II spy. They, The LA Times go on to call it, "a dimly lighted labyrinth of clipped sentences, meaningful glances and sudden bursts of passion rather than rock 'em, sock 'em car chases and gunplay. The work Eva and her compatriots are doing consists mostly of introducing false intelligence into the foreign press in the hopes of confusing the Germans and, later, persuading the United States to come to the aid of the Allied forces. (So there are no Nikita-like acrobatics, which would have only split Eva's skirt anyway.)

The New York Daily News seemed equally enamoured with the show, calling it  "beautifully acted," adding, "Hayley Atwell plays Sally Gilmartin during the war and Charlotte Rampling plays her 30 years later, reflecting on those years with pride and vague unease." They add at the end of their short but sweet review, "Call it December's best-bet sleeper."

Restless is on at 9pm tonight on Sundance and has been rated TV-14-LV (may be unsuitable for children under the age of 14 with advisories for coarse language and violence).