The first season of Heroes was undeniably gripping. The show quickly gained a loyal following and no one could argue that the end of each episode left you on tenterhooks, itching for just a little bit more information to try and work out what the hell was going on. Who wasn’t utterly bamboozled by the very cryptic ‘Save the cheerleader, save the world’ and Claire Bennet’s mysterious regeneration? The first series of Heroes felt promising and fresh, in the early days of the show fans looked forward to a long and fruitful relationship with the show.

masi oka heroes rebornMasi Oka starred in the original Heroes

That’s why it was even more of a letdown when over the following seasons it became apparent that the writers had absolutely no idea what the show was meant to be, or where it was heading. Heroes had all of the ingredients to be a smash hit, but something about it just felt clumsy. The villain of the first season, Sylar, played by Zachary Quinto, was sinister to the max. There was something inherently evil about Quinto’s Sylar, which just wasn’t quite matched in the following seasons. Story lines went nowhere, characters felt underdeveloped.  Nobody was surprised to learn that the plots for the coming seasons were rarely planned in advance, it was that obvious. But it was also a shame for a show with that much latent potential to fail so miserably.

With all of this said, we’re still absolutely bursting with excitement about the announcement that the show is set to return in 2015. This time round the series will feature new characters and will be renamed Heroes Reborn. However, it has been indicated that some of the original cast may also be returning to star in the rejigged series. Masi Oka, an original cast member, yesterday tweeted ‘Was watching the Olympics and saw the #HeroesReborn trailer. Time to dust off the sword?’ which received over a thousand retweets and favourites from his followers on the social media site.

Hayden Panettiere, Milo Ventimiglia, Ali Larte and Adrian Pasdar also featured in the original series, would you like to see them all make a return to star in Heroes Reborn or did their story lines drag on for you enough the first time round? Hayden Panettiere has since gone on to have a successful career post-Heroes and is currently starring in the successful ABC series Nashville, so may not even have the time to return for a guest spot.

hayden panettiere heroes rebornWill Hayden Panettiere appear in Heroes Reborn?

We sincerely hope that this reworking will finally achieve what fans of the show always knew that Heroes, as a concept, was capable of. Maybe this time they’d be guaranteed more success if they could try to plan a little further in advance and avoid the nonsensical plot twists and unnecessary deaths that sadly the last attempt at the show became famous for.