The Hayden Panettiere crash, which saw the blonde beauty collide with another car whilst driving through Tennessee, could very well be the fault of the actress according to some eye-witness accounts, TMZ has reported.

According to eye witnesses on the scene at the time of the crash, Panettiere is said to have driven straight through a red light, resulting in the crash which fortunately saw no one get injured. The crash took place last month (November 14) in Nashville, where Hayden is currently filming the latest series of the show Nashville, and according to the police report the accident occured for two reasons: Hayden ran a red light and the other driver turned into Hayden's lane. Either way, it doesn't sound like great news on Hayden's behalf.

The police report says that Hayden was driving in the right hand lane through an intersection when the other driver involved in the crash made a left turn into her lane, rather than turning into the left lane. Witnesses go on to say that Hayden then proceeded to travel through a red light at the time of the incident.

Both cars were towed from the scene of the accident, but as already mentioned, fortunately no one was harmed. Panettiere and her PR have yet to comment on the incident.