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9th September 2015

Quote: "It's life changing and puts everything into a new perspective, but it changes everything so quickly so it's just trying to adjust to it all." Actor Hayden Christensen reflects on life as a new dad. He and his girlfriend Rachel Bilson welcomed daughter Briar Rose in November (14).

1st April 2013

Quote: "I'm a really good girlfriend - I always put all that first in my life. I'm definitely the person who would make him his favourite dinner to come home to. I love to cook, so we make dinner at home a lot and watch movies." Actress Rachel Bilson loves to cook up treats for her boyfriend Hayden Christensen.

24th February 2011

Quote: "Without saying anything too specific, I can tell you that things are really positive right now. We'll just have to see how it goes." Rachel Bilson is taking it slowly after rekindling her romance with Hayden Christensen.

4th August 2010

Fact: Rapper K-OS' new video is a star-studded production - the promo features a cameo appearance from Hayden Christensen. The Star Wars actor plays a bodyguard in the clip alongside model/actress Tassja Dawn.

15th June 2009

Fact: Hayden Christensen has been named the new face of sports retailer LACOSTE's new scent, Challenge. The Star Wars actor will star in the fashion brand's men's fragrance campaign when it launches this August (09).

24th February 2009

Fact: Actress Rachel Bilson has fuelled speculation she is engaged after she was spotted with a huge diamond ring on her engagement finger while shopping in Los Angeles on Monday (23Feb09). The star is reportedly set to wed her JUMPER co-star Hayden Christensen.

3rd October 2008

Quote: "I don't need to get married right now. I'm more ready for a baby than marriage. You have to have the guy, you know." Rachel Bilson won't be walking down the aisle with boyfriend Hayden Christensen any time soon.

19th June 2008

Quote: "I get sick of people coming up to me and saying, 'May the force be with you.' I kind of grin and nod my head." Star Wars actor Hayden Christensen will always be seen as his most famous character - Anakin Skywalker - to fans of the cult sci-fi show.

25th February 2008

Fact: Hayden Christensen collects the shoes his characters wear in all his films.

23rd February 2008

Quote: "We actually traded our hay for organic beef with another local farmer down the street... It came pre-cut... Most of it is still in our freezer." Hayden Christensen on how he turns the hay on his family's Toronto, Canada farm into 'money' for meat.

21st February 2008

Quote: "I don't sleep with my pigs. But we hang out on the couch together and watch IRON CHEF." Hayden Christensen likes to socialise with his two pet Vietnamese pot-bellied pigs.

19th February 2008

Fact: Actor Hayden Christensen proudly displays his official ANAKIN SKYWALKER-issue lightsaber in a clear box on a bookshelf in the living room of his Toronto, Canada farmhouse.

13th February 2008

Quote: "It's kind of easy to be really nasty and hard with somebody that you have a really good relationship with because you can do stuff to 'em on screen and then just laugh about it." SAMUEL L. JACKSON on why he and Hayden Christensen make ideal movie enemies. The two actors have gone head to head in both Star Wars and new film JUMPER.

10th July 2006

Quote: "I'm relandscaping my parents' backyard." Star Wars actor Hayden Christensen on his summer plans.

9th November 2005

Fact: <p>Hollywood stars Hayden Christensen and Samuel L Jackson are reportedly joining forces to star in new thriller POKER NIGHT. </p>

8th November 2005

Fact: <p>Guy Pearce and Hayden Christensen have joined the cast of upcoming EDIE SEDGEWICK biopic FACTORY GIRL, playing Andy Warhol and a character based on Bob Dylan respectively. </p>

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