Robert Pattinson's fans are not going to be pleased with what the critics are writing about their hero and about his latest movie -- not that their reviews will matter one iota when they head for the theaters this weekend. Most of the reviews for Remember Me can be summed up in two words Forget it! Manohla Dargis in the New York Times calls it "absurdly contrived" and describes Pattinson as "a conceivably promising, certainly watchable actor in need of an immediate acting intervention." Kyle Smith in the New York Post compares Pattinson to the much maligned actor Hayden Christensen. "OK," he continues, "OK, he isn't that bad (who is?). But as a brooding NYU student haunted by the suicide of his older brother, [he] is ingratiating when he's supposed to be tormented, vexed when he's supposed to be volcanic." Gary Thompson in the Philadelphia Daily News admits that while watching a scene late in the film "I laughed the hollow laugh of a cynical old movie critic during the eye-rolling final scene, which is certainly not meant to be funny. I apologize in advance to Twilight fans who find it tragic and profound." Peter Howell in the Toronto Star describes the scene as ranking high "amongst the most shameless jerkers of tears ever unleashed upon lachrymose teens." However, he adds, "Any movie that requires something this maudlin and exploitive to unblock the tear ducts prior to rolling the credits has failed in the intervening two hours or so to do anything worthy of emotion." And Wesley Morris in the Boston Globe calls the scenes "a shocking sucker punch cynically disguised as a plot twist."