The ever-active Netflix have signed yet another high-profile deal that should keep them on top of the streaming game for a while yet, striking up a partnership with the Weinstein company, which will grant exclusive access to their films from 2016.

Harvey WeinsteinHarvey Weinstein's name is synonymous with film

Weinstein are giants in the movie industry, responsible for an eclectic mix of styles, genres and origins; foreign films and Hollywood blockbusters. The titles will become available in the same way as DVD’s, meaning you can stream them once they’ve circulated through the cinemas and are released physically.

This means your £5.99 a month – if they decide to keep it at that price – will get you more movies faster, bolstering an already impressive selection of content with high-profile titles. In the long term, that is, as the deal only counts for movies released after 2016.

But it could mean so much more to Netflix customers. This latest drive indicates the streaming company are ready to take on rivals such as LoveFilm, Hulu+ and Now TV – who promise to give you titles one year before their contemporaries.

Bob Weinstein Bob Weinstein - the other half of the formidable Weinstein brothers

Shows like Breaking Bad have put Netflix at the top of the pile, but they won’t last forever. AMC’s meth drama comes to an end in late September, meaning Netflix have had to act quickly to remind their customers that theirs is the best service in town.

In addition to movies, Netflix are offering up a surprisingly good selection of original programming, like House of Cards and Orange is The New Black, the former making TV history by bagging a haul of Emmy nominations – the first only-online show to do so.