Harvey Weinstein is one of the most reviled names right now in Hollywood, with the disgraced movie mogul being accused by a number of different people of sexual misconduct throughout the decades. Currently undergoing treatment for issues that haven't been disclosed in an Arizona clinic, not much has been heard about the producer.

Harvey Weinstein remains in an Arizona clinicHarvey Weinstein remains in an Arizona clinic

One of the most prolific accusers of Weinstein is actress Rose McGowan, who readily admits she doesn't think he'll be prosecuted for his alleged criminal activity. Weinstein has denied her claims and those of others who say he engaged in non-consensual sex with them.

Going through some of the hardest times of his life, Weinstein actually thinks that things will be looking up for him soon, if Piers Morgan is to be believed.

Speaking with GQ, Morgan said: "I've spoken to Harvey in the clinic in Arizona, for about an hour. He's fighting. He's a fascinating character. I can't express the same level of shock as some people in Hollywood. Listen, this has been the system since Hollywood existed.

"It's been a moral cesspit since the Twenties and the idea that Harvey Weinstein is the only villain? Do me a favour. Look at Mel Gibson. Ultimately, Harvey believes he will be forgiven."

Exactly where Weinstein's journey goes next remains to be seen. There are open investigations currently active against the producer, but he's managed to evade being officially charged for anything since all of the allegations against him have been raised.

The allegations against Weinstein seemed to open the floodgates for Hollywood, with other high profile names such as Kevin Spacey and Jeremy Piven being accused of various cases of sexual misconduct.

What we do know is that there's no way the movements against sexual misconduct in Hollywood will be disappearing anytime soon. Things are changing in the entertainment industry, better late than never.

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