A former personal assistant to the disgraced movie mogul Harvey Weinstein has filed a federal lawsuit this week alleging sexual harassment against him, detailing how she was required to facilitate his sexual encounters, including providing erectile dysfunction drugs and cleaning up semen from his couch, among other duties.

Sandeep Rehal worked for Weinstein for two years before quitting in February 2015. She had been mentioned in New York Times article in December last year that reported she was planning to file a lawsuit against Weinstein.

That lawsuit has now been lodged in New York Supreme Court, and it accuses Weinstein of sexually harassing Rehal, groping her thighs and buttocks, and of referring to her routinely as a “c***” over the course of her employment – as well as other lurid details about how she was apparently forced to facilitate his sex life.

Harvey WeinsteinA former PA has accused Harvey Weinstein of sexual harassment

“Another ‘task’ Ms. Rehal was forced to do to aid Harvey Weinstein’s sexual encounters was to clean up the semen on the couch in Harvey Weinstein’s office,” the lawsuit alleges. “This happened on a regular basis, three or so times a week when Harvey Weinstein was in New York.”

The lawsuit also names Weinstein’s brother Bob, former human resources director Frank Gil and The Weinstein Company as an entity as defendants.

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“She had no choice but to leave the job she needed to support herself,” adds the filing, which seeks unspecified damages and an injunction. “As a result of the hostile work environment caused by the incessant sexual harassment, Ms. Rehal has suffered, and continues to suffer from severe emotional distress, anxiety, depression, humiliation, fear, anguish and loss of self-esteem.”

“No one should have to endure what Ms. Rehal experienced at the hands of Harvey Weinstein,” said the Rehal’s attorney Genie Harrison last month, shortly after the initial New York Times report was published.

Since the October 5th expose by the New York Times, Weinstein has been accused by more than 80 women of sexual harassment, assault and rape. He is under investigation by the LAPD, NYPD, Beverly Hills police and the British police, but has denied all instances of non-consensual sex.

“Mr. Weinstein categorically denies these claims and his lawyers will respond in the appropriate legal forum with evidence proving they are untrue,” a spokeswoman for the producer responded on Thursday to Rehal’s lawsuit.

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