Harvey Weinstein is currently in the middle of one of the biggest scandals Hollywood has ever seen, after being accused by over 70 women of crimes ranging from sexual harassment and sexual misconduct to sexual assault and rape.

Harvey Weinstein has been accused of various crimes by over 70 womenHarvey Weinstein has been accused of various crimes by over 70 women

Formerly being one of the biggest names in the entertainment business, Weinstein was quickly stripped of membership by The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, before also being suspended by BAFTA and fired from The Weinstein Co., where his brother Bob Weinstein still remains. He was also forced to resign from the Producers Guild of America after they started to remove him from the organisation.

Rose McGowan, Cara Delevingne, Heather Graham and Eva Green are just a handful of the names that have stepped forward to share their stories and allegations, with the Weinstein allegations snowballing into something much larger and more victims stepping forward and alleging sexual crimes against a number of different big names in the business.

Weinstein's latest punishment for his alleged actions come in the form of being expelled from the Television Academy. 

In a statement released to The Hollywood Reporter, the Television Academy said: "After a hearing today, the Television Academy's governance has voted to expel Harvey Weinstein from the Academy for life. The Academy supports those speaking out against harassment in all forms and stands behind those who have been affected by this issue. The unfolding and widespread examples of this horrific behaviour are deeply disturbing to the Academy's leadership."

They go on to say that they've been in touch with other leaders in the industry, which they claim all have a shared "responsibility to provide clear workplace benchmarks reflecting decency and respect."

The Television Academy conclude by saying they're in the midst of "expediting an already-begun detailed review and revision of Television Academy membership codes of conduct", and that they're "determined to play a role in protecting all television professionals from predatory harassment" so that they can work in "a safe environment."

It's great to know that more and more companies are doing their all to protect those who work for them, but leaves a bad taste in the mouth that this has been going on for so long with nothing being done and some women even being ignored when they've come forward about the events previously. Let's hope that if anything comes out of all of this, it's that it deters others in the future from taking advantage of their positions of power to abuse others.

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We'll bring you more on the Weinstein scandal as and when we get it.