Harry Styles, aka arguably the best quaffed member of One Direction, was unsurprisingly spotted at Henry Holland’s show during London Fashion Week. What is surprising however, was that when the festivities (which he spent chuckling with Nick Grimshaw in the front row) Harry chose to ditch Cara Delevingne’s W Magazine party and instead head off with Grimshaw and several other people for a pint.

Harry Styles, London Fashion Week
Nothing like soaking up a little fashion with friends, before retiring to a more casual setting.

While he may not exactly look the part, apparently Harry acts like a guys’ guy from time to time. Leaving behind Delevingne (whom he is rumored to be dating these days). Instead of heading to Cara’s party after the show. Styles went off with best mate Nick, his sister Gemma, and, according to the Mirror, Kelly Osbourne and her fiance Matthew Mosshart. The group then spotted making their way to a pub in North London, before popping over to Nick Grimshaw’s house in Primrose Hill.

Cara Delevingne, W Magazine Dinner
Meanwhile, Cara was busy with altogether more fashionable matters.

After spending some time there and possibly downing a few drinks (although of course there’s no way to know for sure,) Harry and Gemma went… somewhere, while Nick, Kelly and Matthew politely returned to the W Party. Sounds like yet another packed night in the schedule of the London socialites.We can’t help but admire their determination for entertainment though.

Harry Styles, Primrose Hill
Harry recovered quickly from his near miss with a passing car.