Harry Potter star Evanna Lynch has credited writer J.K. ROWLING with helping her overcome anorexia by sending her letters of encouragement.
The Irish actress struggled with the eating disorder for two years from the age of 11 and and wrote to Rowling to thank her for the wizard books, which gave her "hope".
The writer sent letters of advice back - and she even encouraged Lynch to overcome her eating issues to land the role of Luna Lovegood in the movie franchise.
Lynch tells Britain's The Sun, "I told her the books gave me hope, particularly Luna Lovegood. I told how I looked up to her. She wrote back and was like a counsellor.
"She told me anorexia is destructive, not creative, and the brave thing was not to succumb to it. I told her I'd love to be in the films and she encouraged that but said I'd need to be well to do so. In the end I think that's why I recovered."