Rumours of a prospective movie series bringing the recent Harry Potter play ‘The Cursed Child’ to the big screen have been reignited, with an entertainment journalist claiming that Warner Bros. is in discussions with the franchise’s original stars to reprise their characters.

The two-part play, co-written by J.K. Rowling, opened at the Palace Theatre in London back in June 2016, and is set 19 years after the events of Rowling’s books. Shows have continued to sell out for months, and rumours of a Broadway production have recently floated.

Daniel Radcliffe outside Radio 2Daniel Radcliffe has always been asked whether he'll reprise his Harry Potter role

Now, it’s been reported that Warner Bros. – the studio responsible for the original eight Harry Potter movies and the Fantastic Beasts… prequels – is negotiating with Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint about playing their characters once again in a prospective three-part movie series based on ‘The Cursed Child’.

“I have heard that Warner Bros has actually had conversations with [Emma], with Rupert, and, of course, Daniel about Cursed Child, because they want this to be, for lack of a better term, Harry Potter: The Force Awakens,” entertainment journalist Jim Hill told the Unofficial Universal Orlando Podcast this week.

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He added: “They want this trilogy of movies to have the actors that we know and love from the original films that we watched grow up, as adults. And, of course, they’re hiring a bunch of new, younger actors to play their children with the hope that, if we can lean on J.K., maybe there’ll be 'The Cursed Adolescent'.”

However, Hill added that these movies won’t see the light of the day, if they do indeed come to fruition, until 2026. At that time point Radcliffe will be 37 years old, the same age that Harry Potter is in the play.

Handily, that will also mean that the planned series of Fantastic Beasts… movies will have ended two years before that in 2024, meaning there won’t be any overlap with the events of those spin-offs.

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