Harry Potter star Rupert Grint has confirmed the London studio where the film magic was created is to be turned into a Potter tourist attraction.
Grint told fans at a meet-and-greet event in London on Monday (23Aug10) that Leavesden Studio will be turned into a themepark, where devotees of the Potter movies will be able to tour the sets.
And he reveals the eagle-eyed will be able to make out cast scribblings on the walls.
He says, "We used to write on the walls and they're actually re-creating and turning the studio in an attraction, actually recreating all the rooms so you can go in them."
But one thing missing from the attraction will be the original '4' that hung on door of Harry Potter's home - Grint reveals he swiped that.
He also told fans he tried to take one of the huge golden dragon eggs used in the Goblet of Fire movie home as a dare - but he got caught and had to return it.