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11th February 2017

Fact: Singer Harry Connick, Jr. made TV history on his talk show on Friday (10Feb17) by shooting the entire episode on SmartPhones. "We have turned all of our cameras off... This has never been done in the history of unscripted television in daytime or reality TV," the star announced at the top of his programme.

13th September 2016

Quote: “The babies are so good. So loud, so loud. I have the loudest children on the planet. I don’t know if it’s the acoustics (in our home), but they are amazing." Sandra Bullock opened up about her two children, six-year-old son Louis and four-year-old daughter Laila, on the premiere episode of Harry Connick Jr.’s new daytime talk show, Harry.

26th September 2009

Fact: Harry Connick Jr. has recorded a French and Italian version of the Beatles' AND I LOVE HER with former model and French First Lady Carla Bruni. The U.S. crooner says, "She's the First Lady of France (and) I'm probably not allowed to say how sexy it was, but it was pretty sexy."

1st June 2009

Quote: “I was always too busy playing music. If I could go back in time, I’d have liked to be on some team, but I have no physical talent whatsoever. I was still cool though!” Singer Harry Connick Jr. wishes he has played more sports in college.

26th November 2008

Fact: Jazz singer Harry Connick Jr.'s second daughter, 11-year-old SARAH KATE, sings with her dad on his new Christmas album WHAT A NIGHT!.

9th October 2008

Fact: Harry Connick Jr. sings a duet with his 11-year-old daughter KATE on his upcoming Christmas album.

3rd October 2008

Fact: Sting's wife Trudie Styler is to play a breast cancer victim in an upcoming U.S. TV movie, called LIVING PROOF. Harry Connick Jr. plays her doctor.

17th June 2008

Quote: "They're gonna have to drag that guy outta here with a thousand horses. He's one of the strongest, most incredible men I've ever had the pleasure of meeting." Harry Connick Jr. offers his support to ailing Paul Newman, who has reportedly been diagnosed with lung cancer.

31st December 2007

Quote: "There are people out there that cannot stand me and there are people that think I'm the greatest thing since sliced bread. Ninety per cent of the people in between have no idea who I am. And that's fine." Crooner Harry Connick Jr insists he's an acquired taste.

29th January 2007

Quote: "I should have called it, like, Norah Jones' GREATEST HITS... I had to come up with a name nobody could pronounce." Crooner Harry Connick Jr fears he may have made a mistake in naming his new album CHANSON DU VIEUX CARRE, which will compete with Norah Jones' new album on the charts this week.

11th June 2006

Quote: "The cell phone stuff doesn't bother me... It could be somebody's wife who just got in an accident... I always give 'em the benefit of the doubt." Tony Award nominee Harry Connick Jr (THE PYJAMA GAME) never blasts rude theatre fans who forget to turn off cell phones.

8th September 2005

Fact: <p>New Orleans, Louisiana natives Harry Connick Jr and Branford Marsalis have signed on as honorary chairmen for charity Habitat For Humanity's Operation Home Delivery, a long-term rebuilding plan for Hurricane Katrina victims. </p>

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