Review of No fighting in the War Room Album by Harrisons

No fighting in the War Room
Album Review

Harrisons No fighting in the War Room Album

Put single the Harrisons are the Arctic Monkeys minus the monkey business and the Sheffield intonation, with clear influences from the likes of Blur, Oasis and The Verve. You would expect 'No fighting in the War Room' to be out of this world with that combination of sounds but it's only half decent. They clearly have a bit of work to do to reach the head-staggering heights of the artists they resemble.

Harrisons formed two and a half years ago with no intention of ever making it big. They were in it for the fun of it, probably for the ladies and likely for making a bit of extra money. Now, that they've accomplished the mammoth task of releasing their debut album, and it's not bad, surely their tune has changed.

The album starts with 'Dear Constable' a frisky vigorous outcry from the band that sets the tone for what should be a great album. Although the next three tracks 'Man of The Hour', 'Wishing Well' and 'Little Boy Lost' don't live up to those high expectations and the mood is lost. It's not that they're poor tracks, far from it, but it's just they don't maintain the high standard set by the first track. The remainder of the album is a little better, some good rock songs but there's nothing that actually blows me away. Sadly, it's not an extravagant exhibition of Harrisons full ability as a band but it indicates the huge potential the guys have. It's a good starting note, but it's only the beginning of many good things to come for the band.


Daniel Black

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