The actors, who have all played characters fighting in war zones, are joined by Sally Field, Martin Sheen and Jason Sudeikis in the public service announcement (PSA) for the Got Your 6 scheme, which aims to help ex-service personnel integrate back into society.

Pratt, who played a U.S. Navy SEAL in Zero Dark Thirty, says in the clip, "Every year, a quarter (of a) million service members leave the military. Their passion for service does not end when their uniforms come off. They are resilient, they are leaders, and they're ready to serve again. How will you empower them?"

The other stars appear on screen alongside former members of the military to repeat the scheme's web address.

Cooper also played a Navy SEAL, real life gunman Chris Kyle, in American Sniper. Kyle was killed in 2013 by former Marine Eddie Ray Routh, who was sentenced to life in prison earlier this year (15).