Harrison Ford has been released from hospital. The 72-year-old actor has been in hospital since the beginning of March after the plane he was piloting crashed on a golf course in Santa Monica. A source claims to have seen Ford out of hospital and driving around Los Angeles on Saturday (28th March).

Harrison Ford
Harrison Ford has allegedly been released from hospital, three weeks after sustaining injuries in a plane crash.

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Emergency services were called to the Penmar Golf Course in Santa Monica on 5th March. Ford had been flying his vintage World War II plane but was forced to make an emergency landing. The emergency services praised the Indiana Jones actor for his quick reaction in piloting the plane away from houses and into an open area. Ford, who had been flying the plane alone, was the only person injured in the crash. 

"Harrison was flying a WW2 vintage plane today which had engine trouble upon take off," Ford's representative said in a statement shortly after the accident. "He had no other choice but to make an emergency landing, which he did safely. He was banged up and is in the hospital receiving medical care. The injuries sustained are not life threatening, and he is expected to make a full recovery."

He sustained serious injuries during the crash and was immediately rushed to hospital. It is believed he suffered from a broken pelvis, head and ankle injuries. Although he has presumably been discharged to recuperate at home, according to expert sources, he will have to continue therapy. 

"The therapy is primarily stabilization exercises and also gait training, like actually getting the patient up and moving again - pretty much just leaving how to walk while minimizing the main," says Dr. Beny Charchian, a specialist in spine and joint injuries told People magazine. 

People first reported the news. 

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