LATEST: Movie star Harrison Ford has reportedly paid his ex-wife a whopping $85 million (GBP50 million) in a record-breaking divorce settlement.

The agreement between the STAR WARS star and ex-spouse Melissa Mathison breaks new ground, and leaves the actor free to marry Calista Flockhart.

According to British newspaper THE MAIL ON SUNDAY, the deal not only divides assets the couple shared, but it also entitles Mathison to get back future earnings from films Ford made while they were together.

Ford, 61, did not sign a pre-nuptial agreement with his wife and has agreed to split earnings from the royalties, videos and DVDs from films including AIR FORCE ONE and the INDIANA JONES trilogy.

Mathison, 53, will also keep all earnings from her screenplay for STEVEN SPIELBERG's ET, which she wrote before she wed Ford.

18/01/2004 20:56