Harrison Ford says he learnt how to be an actor while he was working as a carpenter.

The screen legend - who has starred in some of the biggest films of the last 50 years, including the original 'Star Wars' trilogy, the 'Indiana Jones' movies and 'Blade Runner' - worked as a skilled craftsman for many years and believes the things he learned on the job have proved to be invaluable.

He said: "When I was a carpenter, I once worked with this Russian lady architect. I would tell her, 'Look, I'm terribly sorry, but I want to change that a half inch,' and she would say, 'No limit for better.' I think that is a worthy credo. You keep on going until you get it as close to being right as the time and patience of others will allow."

Due to his experience as a carpenter, the 67-year-old star doesn't perceive acting to be a vocation or job.

He said: "I don't look at things from an art perspective. I look at them from a craft perspective."

Harrison - who is engaged to actress Calista Flockhart, who has a nine-year-old adopted son Liam whom he helps to raise - also worked as a waiter before hitting the big time in Hollywood.

He revealed to Parade.com: "Being a waiter was my favourite job! It was so easy to do well, and so few people do it well. Do you just slap the plate in front of them or just wait a second and slide that sucker in there? You keep your eyes open and know what's going on in your room and know where people are at in their meals? It keeps you so busy, and it is so much fun."