Movie pedants claim Aurora Perrineau, 20, should not have been cast in new film Jem & the Holograms because she isn't "black enough", incurring the wrath of her dad.

The former Lost regular has fired back at the ill-advised chatter by penning an essay, which has been published by

He writes, "The reason I'm so angry right now (and I'm sure that many people will be able to understand this) is that I feel like my daughter - MY CHILD - is being attacked. She is being harshly and unfairly judged during a time when she should be relishing her accomplishments."

The angry dad is particularly disturbed by the mean and cruel comments made about his daughter, whose mother is white, by trolls on social media.

He claims some have even suggested Aurora takes her own life for grabbing a role that should have been offered to a black actress.

"Can we stop looking to Hollywood to define who we are and find ways that we can define ourselves?" Harold writes.

"We live in an incredibly creative time, where it may not be necessary to have big money and power to have your voices heard. Why not use your power there? Why not put out images you want to see for the reasons you feel are important."

Jem & the Holograms is based on a popular cartoon series, in which Aurora's character, Shana, was African-American.