Review of Hard to beat Single by Hard-Fi

Hard - Fi

Hard - Fi - Hard to beat - Single Review

Hard - Fi - Hard to beat - Single Review
Single Review

Hard - Fi

Hard to beat

I had no idea who these guys were but once I heard the song I knew straight away - I totally love this song!!!!!

Sounds like The Clash which is not a bad comparison at all - they’re legends!!!

The guys that hail from the Staines massive have come back with this track that has an 80’s and has a dark side to it.

Taken from the new album “Stars of CCTV”, what can I say about it, it’s brilliant! The vocals are cool and quite sexy and the guitar strings are funky and the drums are perfect. There’s quite a synthesizer beat going to it, with a little electro pop thrown in.

In fact it’s quite like a dance track!!! Don’t you all think? Maybe a little of Stardust’s: “Music sounds better with you”.

Check out the b-side too. It’s a live recording of their second single “tied up too tight” from the Radio one studio and it’s great!

Hard - Fi are one of the bands of 2005, they have just toured the UK and have previously supported the Kaiserchiefs and The Bravery. The boys will be on show at Glastonbury and the Wireless Festival!

Candice Finney