Former Happy Mondays star Bez wants organic gardens installed on top of every office block in Britain in an effort to provide cheap food.

The dancer, real name Mark Berry, plans to run in the 2015 U.K. election as a potential Member of Parliament (Mp) for Salford and Eccles in England, and he has outlined an eco-friendly manifesto.

Berry has now detailed his big idea to conquer food shortages, urging Britons to start growing their own crops.

He tells Britain's Daily Mirror newspaper, "You don't need money for everything. There are people starving on the streets, and there are food banks. It is ridiculous. People have got to take responsibility back for themselves and start feeding themselves.

"I've stared a one (a garden) on the top of the Printworks building in Manchester (in England) city centre. I've got a wild flower garden up there, chickens, beehives, and fruit and veg. These are the ideas I am promoting. Every office block in the city could be growing their own organic fruit and veg, keeping bees."