The Happy Mondays star, real name Mark Berry, started bee-keeping in 2013 in a bid to stop the dramatic decline in honeybee colonies and its potentially damaging effect on the environment.

However, he failed to do his homework before handling the insects and was frequently stung, but he eventually learned how to keep bees calm by talking to them.

Bez tells Q magazine, "I'd recommend for people not to do it the way I done it, which is dive right in there, get the bees, get the hives, get stung to f**k, make all the mistakes, then buy the book two years later on how to bee-keep... (I have) Welsh black bees. They're very ferocious but they make the greatest honey.

"I've developed a relationship with me (my) bees now and it's so much better than it used to be because I've been learning about shamanic bee-keeping. I've learnt how to talk to me (my) bees. I don't want to give away me secrets of how to do it because I had to learn the hard way."