Review of Blood from a Stone Album by Hanne Hukkelberg

Review of Hanne Hukkelberg's album Blood from a Stone.

Hanne Hukkelberg Blood from a Stone Album

'Midnight Sun Dream' the first track on Hanne Hukkelberg's album is relaxing and even a tad surreal, almost like floating through a dream. This kind of music is perfect for unwinding, during dinner or even just as quiet background music.

'Blood from a Stone' itself is sweet and playful with a serious undertone. As a delicate combination of subtle and lively verses it is well deserving of its status as the title track. The playful strums continue through 'Bandy Riddles' and although all the songs are clearly in keeping with one strict style it doesn't seem to come at the cost of all the tracks sounding the same.

Towards the middle of the album the songs become a little edgier especially with 'Salt of the Earth' which gets quite heavy at times, maybe one to skip if you put this on with the intention of taking it easy. 'No One But Yourself' continues this theme with an almost tribal undertone, but 'In Here/Out There' takes us back to the more subtle tracks we were introduced to in the beginning.

It's easy to forget where you are and start to drift away again when listening to 'Crack', however it starts to gain momentum from around half way through where it starts to really build tension before slowing down towards the end.

The hollowing introduction of the final song 'Bygd Til By' has a mystical quality which once again makes you just want to melt away and yet there is something up lifting about this final piece. That is until it fades away, signifying the end of the album.

With the exception of those few songs in the middle 'Blood from a Stone' creates an intimate atmosphere which could be enjoyed again and again. The subtle book end effect of the songs on this album makes it possible to play on repeat and never really know exactly where you are, at least until the middle tracks wake you up again.

Victoria Louise Crampton

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