Country music star Hank Williams, Jr. has once again begun a relationship with his estranged wife in the run up to their 21st wedding anniversary. The singer, who is the 62-years-old son of the late Hank Williams, Sr., married his fourth wife Mary Jane Thomas in 1990. Williams, Jr. and his former model wife steadily saw their relationship break down and head for divorce, with them separating in 2007. 

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Williams, Jr. and Thomas have since made amends and have reached a huge milestone in their relationship. A source has recently spoken to the 'National Enquirer' in America, stating: "They almost divorced, but they've happily celebrated their 21st wedding anniversary. I know Hank is proud that they kept their marriage together."

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The source goes on to explain that: "Hank is a great guy... I don't think he wanted to be a four-time loser in marriage, and he didn't want his children with Mary Jane - Katherine and Samuel - to grow up in a broken home, as his older kids did. But most of all, he realised he still loved Mary Jane. They still had that spark."