Swedish heavy metal stars Hammerfall had no idea drummer Anders Johansson had quit the band until they heard the news through their booking agent.

The percussionist walked away from the group last year (14) after 15 years in the line-up, but he failed to properly notify his bandmates, and guitarist Oscar Dronjak admits he has still yet to personally hear from Johansson.

Dronjak tells MetalJournal.net, "He didn't actually tell us (he was leaving the group) - he told our booking agency, who told us...

"I don't know (why he left the band). I haven't spoken to him. He says (there were) no personal problems, but I never spoke to him. He didn't return my calls. So I don't know what to think. It's his decision. We're moving forward without him."

Hammerfall have since recruited Pain star David Wallin as Johansson's replacement.