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24th May 2016

Quote: “Thirty-eight years after the original Halloween I’m going to help to try to make the 10th sequel the scariest of them all," John Carpenter, director of classic horror movie Halloween, is returning to the scary movie franchise as an executive producer on a new movie.

17th June 2015

Fact: Fictional horror movie villain Michael Myers is set to return for a new instalment of the Halloween film franchise. Halloween Returns will be directed by Marcus Dunstan from a script co-written by his SAW VI collaborator Patrick Melton. It is not yet known if the new sequel will be part of rocker and filmmaker Rob Zombie's reboot series - he directed 2007's Halloween and 2009's Halloween II. Production on the upcoming slasher film will begin next month (Jul15), ahead of a 2016 release.

27th August 2009

Fact: The father of Hollywood's new scream queen, SCOUT TAYLOR-COMPTON - the star of both Halloween remakes - is a mortician.

27th August 2009

Quote: "I make every character in the movie me... I show his face for the first time ever and he has really long hair and this huge beard... like he's in ZZ Top, I'm not kidding." Rocker-turned-moviemaker Rob Zombie insists his Halloween villain, Michael Myers, looks a lot like him.

4th September 2007

Fact: The Michael Myers mask from the original Halloween movie was modelled on actor William Shatner's face.

31st August 2007

Quote: "He's a pompous tw*t, an egomaniacal doctor who thinks he's right. How right can you be if you've had a patient for 17 years who turns out to be one of the biggest serial killers of all time?" Malcolm McDowell doesn't have a lot of respect for his Halloween character Dr. Loomis.

22nd October 2006

Quote: "When I hear those piano notes, I want to s**t myself." Film-maker McG admits he's still terrified by the Halloween soundtrack.


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