It's almost Halloween and, if you're staying in, you're going to have to go through that difficult process of deciding what film to put on. 2015 has seen rather a few horror movies, but it has to be noted that only a handful of them are worth your time.

Mia Wasikowska in Crimson PeakMia Wasikowska stars in Crimson Peak

Here's the top five best and worst scary films of the year:

The 5 Worst:

5. Human Centipede 3 - The only good thing about this movie is that it was dubbed the 'Final Sequence'. There was just no need to make yet another one. The first one had its merits only in that it was shamelessly vile; a concept way too horrendous for most people to conceive, which is pretty impressive in this day and age. No-one needs to see it happen three times though. Even so, we're curious to see where director Tom Six will take his boundaries next.

4. Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension - It's really a case of 'once you've seen one, you've seen them all' with 'Paranormal Activity'. By now, the world has grown tired with the 'found footage' horror genre, and thus with this never-ending series. It does at least all tie together in some way in this thankfully final film, which is essential viewing for all dedicated 'Paranormal Activity' fans but not for anyone who felt indifferent about the first five.

3. Knock, Knock - Quite an unusual turn for Eli Roth, who's taken a step back from the bloodsoaked monster horrors in favour of a more psychologically disturbing movie. Though, unfortunately for him, it doesn't look like that has worked out entirely judging by the critics' reviews. It's a re-boot of 1977's 'Death Game' but doesn't quite live up to the standards you'd expect. And it rather adds to the ever-growing list of sub-standard Keanu Reeves movies.

PoltergeistPoltergeist is a remake of the original 80s film

2. Poltergeist - Filmmakers will never stop trying to re-make the classics, no matter how hard we cringe. 1982's original film of the same name was terrifying - and so is the 2015, though in a different way. While the original kept audiences awake for nights on end, the new movie just makes them jump a lot which makes it a rather cheap throwback. On the other hand, with actors like Sam Rockwell and Rosemarie DeWitt, the cast provided enough entertainment to grip their viewers at least.

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1. Sinister II - Again, one of those 'what's the point?' sequels. 'Sinister' was scary enough, but after you know about the Bughuul and the possessed children killing their families, there were only so many different directions the next movie could take. It's much less scary when you've got a pretty good idea about what's going to happen. With a predictable ending, the intense menace that the franchise has built is all but erased.

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Sinister IISinister II proves just as sinister as the first

The 5 Best:

5. Crimson Peak - The Oscar nominated Guillermo Del Toro is well-known for some pretty impressive dark movies, favouring subtlety when it comes to horror, mystery when it comes to the supernatural, and plot over suspense. It's surprising then that many critics found 'Crimson Peak' lacked in story and, as gorgeous as it was to behold, bordered on slightly cheesy. Even so, a del Toro movie is never worth missing especially with a stellar cast of Mia Wasikowska, Jessica Chastain, Tom Hiddleston and Charlie Hunnam.

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4. Insidious: Chapter 3 - Actually not bad. Of course, it was never going to be as good or chillingly scary as the original, but this movie takes the story right to the beginning and doesn't just re-hash events from the other two films. The best thing about it is that there's a complicated plot behind the utterly terrifying facade that cleverly stays with you. All night.

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3. Goosebumps - Ahh, such nostalgia! Not exactly scary, but a brilliant comedy-horror with Jack Black being as crazy as ever as author RL Stine. It's a must-see watch for all fans of the original 'Goosebumps' as it explores all the most popular stories, but newcomers will find themselves just as gripped.

Jack Black in GoosebumpsJack Black stars in 'Goosebumps'

2. Goodnight Mommy - European horror movies have a tendency to develop in a completely unexpected direction, giving them an unmatchable edge and explains why the continent has managed to deliver so many classics. This Austrian flick is no different. You're made to trust all the wrong people and find yourself ultimately agog when the truth arises. There's a vaguely supernatural air to it, forcing the reader to blur the lines between reality and delusion.

1. The Hallow - This is classic small-town, deep-in-the-woods, supernatural, monster stuff that essentially develops into a really creepy fairytale. It's a British-Irish production and touches on virtually every kind of horror sub-genre without ever becoming too florid or overwhelming. This is the sort of movie where you want a sequel.

Watch the trailer for 'The Hallow' here: