Halle Berry takes "cold hot showers" to recover from her workouts.

The 54-year-old actress sticks to an intense workout routine to stay in shape for her action movies and takes lukewarm showers to help her body relax after exercising.

Asked what workouts she does in a week, she told InStyle: "It always varies! Over the past few years, I went from training for 'John Wick 3' to my upcoming film and directorial debut 'BRUISED'. Some days I'd work on strength and cardio and others I'd do yoga and stretching, all while I did a few hours of martial arts training each day. For me, it's been important not to overstress my body. Taking cold hot showers has been a good recovery ritual."

The Oscar-winning star also revealed that she credits self-care books and journaling with keeping her mental health in check and keeping her "grounded".

She added: "I can't skip my Bulletproof coffee each morning. It allows me to fast until 2 or 3 pm. I've also found that taking care of my mental health has been crucial during these odd times. I just launched my Journal on Joy at respin which is part of my bedtime routine. It is a space to record memories that make you smile and helps me focus on positivity and gratitude. Also reading self-help books on ways to stay grounded and centered during this time has been widely helpful and inspirational."

Meanwhile, Halle previously said the best thing about ageing is learning to "not give a f***" as she has fully embraced being in her 50s and is completely confident in her skin.

She said: "One of the benefits of ageing — there are many — but one of them is you just start to not give a f*** anymore. Excuse my French. But you just start to not give a f***!"