Halle Berry likes to wear her perfume between her thighs.

'The Call' actress - who is engaged to French actor Olivier Martinez - has released five signature fragrances, claims she likes to spray her scents between her legs as the smell lasts longer.

The 46-year-old beauty told Conan O'Brien: ''You don't put perfume on the palm of your hand!

''The way you're supposed to wear fragrance, you're supposed to spray it in between your thighs. Then it heats up and the aroma rises up all day long. And when you hug somebody you don't leave your sent on them. That's true. That's how you're supposed to wear it.''

Halle is set to throw a 'My Little Pony'-themed birthday bash for her daughter Nahla, whose father is Canadian model Gabriel Aubry, in Los Angeles on Saturday (16.03.13), who is set to turn five.

The actress told KIIS-FM's Ryan Seacrest: ''This year we're taking M&M's with her little picture on it [for her school birthday party snack]. You can do that now on the Internet and put their face on it!''