Halle Berry wants more children soon.

The 44-year-old actress - who has a two-year-old daughter Nahla with ex-boyfriend Gabriel Aubry - would love to expand her family further but knows her advancing years mean it could be difficult.

She said: "I'd love more children. I'm 44, so who knows how much longer I can wait?"

As well as wanting more children in the future, Halle - who is believed to be dating her 'Dark Tide' co-star Olivier Martinez - is planning to scale back her working commitments in order to accommodate her daughter's needs and give the youngster a more stable environment as she gets older.

She said: "You make time for what's important. She's not yet three, so I take her with me. Once she's five or six in school, I'll have to make a change."

Though she is no longer with Gabriel, Halle insists she has no worries about the future because suffering from diabetes - where the body struggles to deal with the production of insulin and regular blood sugar levels - for over 20 years means she is used to looking after herself.

She told the New York Post newspaper: "I'm OK. I'll always be able to take care of myself. Look, I'm a diabetic who also must watch my food. No pasta, no carbohydrates. I'm used to watching over myself."