Actress Halle Berry has been ordered to pay her estranged ex, Gabriel Aubry $20,000 per month in child maintenance, Tmz reported yesterday (June 20, 2012). According to their story, a source connected with Aubry have given them information regarding the court case which went ahead on Monday (June 18, 2012).
The Oscar-wining actress and her ex have been embroiled in a bitter custody battle over their four year-old daughter Nahla and now, family court judges have ruled that she must shell out the staggering sum, which amounts to almost a quarter of a million per year. Up until now, no child support order has been in place for Nahla and it looks as though both Halle and Gabriel are still at war, with no signs of their tensions thawing. It looks as though Berry still plans to move to France with her current beau, Olivier Martinez. The next step in legal proceedings will most likely be for Halle to apply to the court for permission to be able to take Nahla with her on the move to Europe.
The bitter legal proceedings between Halle and Gabriel have been on-going for months now. Berry and Martinez announced their engagement in January 2012 and shortly after, Berry's intentions to move to France became made public. At one point, Berry was seeking a court injunction to prevent Nahla's father from seeing her at all, claiming that he had been guilty of child endangerment, after allegedly pushing Nahla's nanny, whilst Nahla was in her arms.