Halle Berry plays an astronaut, returning from a mission in the creepy sci-fi thriller Extant, premiering July 9. The series is based on the premise that Molly Woods (Berry) returns from space pregnant, after an inexplicable encounter with her ex-lover Marcus (Sergio Harford). The questions are endless. How did it happen? Is Marcus the father? And is he even human? It may sound like a soap opera with an alien twist, but the high-budget production actually comes from Steven Spielberg’s Amblin TV.

Berry plays an inexplicably pregnant astronaught in CBS' upcoming sci-fi thriller.

Two trailers have been shared so far and today, an exclusive clip from the show was released via Entertainment Weekly. The clip shows a tense and disturbing encounter on board the space station, during which Molly sees Marcus for the first time on board the space station. There is little dialogue, but the visuals of the series look spotless.

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This is only the second TV series Berry has worked on in her career and her first long-term project since the birth of her second child back in November of 2013.

Halle Berry ExtantHalle Berry in 'Extant'

It’s an original, Alien-esque premise, except in series form. So if the concept of mysterious space babies sounds appealing, tune in to CBS at 9PM.

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